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Do you have discounts for repeat customers?
Yes, we offer a 5% repeat customer discount.

Do you have discounts for early sign-ups?
Yes, we offer a $100 per person discount for reservations made 6 months in advance of the departure date.

Do you offer any group discounts?
Yes, groups of 6 or more persons that sign-up together get a 5% discount on any tour.

What type of vehicles do you use on your tours?
All of our vehicles are air-conditioned and less than 3 years old.  We use different vehicles depending on the size of the group.  For 2 participants, a car is used; 3-9 participants, a minibus; 10-14 participants, a mid-sized bus; over 15, a full-sized bus.

What is the minimum number of participants to guarantee a tour?
For land tours, 4 participants; for boat tours, 4 participants.

When is the best time to travel to Turkey?
Although Turkey is a year-long destination, the best time to travel is between April and November.

Can your tours be combined?
Our Walking Tour can be combined with our Cruising the Turquoise Coast tour.

Can you organize pre/post tours?
Certainly, please check our Extension Packages section or simply contact us.

I like the itinerary, however I do not have the time for the whole tour.
We will try to fit your late arrival or early departure into our tour, or we can arrange a custom tour for you based on the areas you would like to visit and the number of days you have available. Contact us for pricing.

The areas I want to see are not in your itinerary.
Turkey has many attractions. Just let us know what you have in mind and we can create a custom itinerary for you.

What type of boats do you use?
All of the boats we use are carefully selected for their safety, comfort, and quality.  They all must pass the Turkish Coast Guard safety inspection.  Please see Cruising the Turquoise Coast tour for more details.

What kind of guides do you use?
Most of our guides have an academic background in Archaeology, are fluent in English, and are certified by the Turkish Tourism Agency.

What kind of hotels do you use?
The hotels we use reflect the cultural feeling of Turkey. We avoid chain hotels.

What kind of restaurants do you use?
Our gourmet food expert in Turkey carefully selects the restaurants we use each year.  Cleanliness and good local cuisine is a must for any restaurant we choose.

Please contact us if you'd like to ask a question not listed here.

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